What I Do as A Justice of The Peace

It has been my great honor to preside over our local Justice Court as Justice of the Peace of Precinct 2 this past term. The Justice Court is the "People's Court" where misdemeanor fines are levied for traffic violations, public nuisances, dangerous dogs, public intoxication, simple assault, truancy, alcohol violations by minors, Parks and Wildlife violations and other infractions which draw fine-only penalties. Our court handles about 3,100 cases of these types each year.

I revoke driver's licenses and issue occupational driver's licenses.

I preside over about 450 evictions, 600 debt claim cases and 150 small claim cases each year. In these cases, my role is to settle disputes between parties in which the disputed damages range up to $10,000.

I preside over repair and remedy cases

I preside over property hearings. I issue writs of restoration, writs of possession, writs of retrieval, writs of execution, writs of garnishments, turnover orders and abstracts of judgment.

Issue search warrants for code violations. I issue thousands of arrest warrants and set bonds each year. I issue emergency mental health commitments. And many other actions.

What I Believe

The following is my response to a candidate vetting group, Patriot Texas. ‚Äč