Judge Shaffer with his friend, Mayor Eric Hogue

Judge Shaffer Flanked by Wylie ISD Asst. Supt. Scott Winn (L) and Superintendent Dr. David Vinson (R)

Friend and former boss, ex-Wylie, Superintendent, Don Whitt and wife, Gerry

Commissioner Cheryl Williams (not endorsing) flanked by Judge and Mrs. Shaffer at a Republican Club meeting

Verdie Montgomery, another outstanding boss that Judge Shaffer has worked for. Mr. Montgomery is Prinicipal of Wylie High School.

Our beloved State Representative, Jodi Laubenberg ​has endorsed Judge Shaffer

Judge Shafffer with former Greenville Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Jerry Bench. He and Chief Paris were High School Teammates.

Judge Shaffer (L) and retired, long-time Greenville Chief of Police, Chief Barry Paris.

Judge Shaffer visiting with friend and supporter, Mike Williams, Principal of Wylie East High School

Judge Shaffer With Sheriff Jim Skinner at a recent Republican Club meeting. Sheriff Skinner made an outstanding presentation. (While a friend, Sheriff Skinner is not endorsing)

With retired Justice of the Peace Bobby King (Friend, but not endorsing any one)

Anita Collins, Market President, American National Bank, Wylie

With Dr. Robert Sparks, my friend and Physician

Those Endorsing Judge Shaffer

Hon. Jodi Laubenberg, State Representative

Hon. Harold Eavenson, Rockwall County Sheriff, President of the National Sheriff's Association

Mr. Barry Paris, former Chief of Police, City of Greenville

Mr. Jerry Bench, former Assist. Superintendent, Greenville ISD

Mr. Earl Newsom, Deputy Constable, retired, Collin County

Hon. Mike Cantrell, Commissioner, Precinct 2, Dallas County, former leader of North Central Texas Council of Governments

Hon. Eric Hogue, Mayor, City of Wylie

Hon. John Mondy, former Mayor, City of Wylie

Hon. William Martin, former Mayor, City of Wylie

Dr. David Vinson, Superintendent, Wylie ISD

Dr. H. John Fuller, former Superintendent, Wylie ISD

Mr. Don Whitt, former Superintendent, Wylie ISD

Mr. Wally Watkins, former Assist. Superintendent, Wylie, ISD

Mr. Virdie Montgomery, Principal, Wylie High School

Mr. Mike Williams, Principal, Wylie East High School

Coach Bill Howard, Head Football Coach and Campus Athletic Director, Wylie High School

​ Coach Larry Uland, Head Football Coach, Wylie Preparatory Academy

Mr. Richard Parker, Real Estate Broker, Wylie

Ms. Anita Collins, Market President, Commercial Lender, American National Bank, Wylie

Hon. Diane Piwko, Mayor, City of Farmersville

Mr. Jeff Adams, Superintendent, Farmersville ISD

Mr. Joe Simpson, former Superintendent, Farmersville ISD

Mr. Philip Anthony, Superintendent, Princeton ISD

Coach Jackie Hendricks (retired), Princeton ISD

Hon. John-Mark Caldwell, Mayor, City of Princeton

Hon. Joe Holt, Mayor, City of Josephine

Hon. Charles Teske, Jr., Mayor, City of Lavon

Hon. Robert Simmons, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Saint Paul

Mr. Ronnie McClendon, former Superintendent, Community ISD

Mr. Richard Matkin, former Superintendent, Plano ISD

Dr. Robert Sparks, Physician, Rockwall, TX ​

Lori Loftin, Committee Chair, Patriot Texas Conservative Activist candidate vetting organization,